Need a Lift?

Volunteers use their own cars to drive customers to a wide range of Melbourne destinations, such as medical appointments, metropolitan hospitals, shopping centres, aged and disability services and airports. We ensure –

Safety – All volunteers are police checked and have completed a driving assessment through an independent driving instructor. All vehicles are assessed and must meet minimum safety standards.

Assistance – Our trained volunteers provide door to door service. If required, volunteers can stay with the customer and provide basic assistance, such as pushing a person’s wheelchair

Reliability – Volunteers are always on time, they phone the customer the night before to confirm the appointment time, parking arrangements and any support requirements

This service is available to all residents and to community organisations within the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region.

Book now or please call 03 9708 8241

The price of the PTA service

Volunteers drivers give their time for free and unlike a Taxi service PTA does not charge for time.

Our mileage price covers the volunteer driver’s costs and service administration.


        • Trips that are 10 km or less (return) incur a flat rate cost of $20
        • Trips that are between 11 and 20 km (return) incur a flat rate cost of $30
        • Trips between 21 and 40 km (return) incur a flat rate cost of $40
        • Trips over 41 km (return), the cost is $0.95 per km

We receive no Commonwealth or State Government funding, so we cannot offer the service for free. A cancellation fee applies once a booking has been made, however may be waived in extenuating circumstances.

How do we compare to other transport options?

20 km30 km50 km
Peninsula Transport Assist$30.00$40.00$47.50
Taxi Service*$36.60$52.80$85.30
Attendant Care**$65.00$75.00$140.00

Parking and Tolls are extra

* Calculated using the Taxi Services Commission taxi fare rate – $1.622 per kilometre day rate and $4.20 flag fall (

** Calculated by a Personal Care Agency charging a $1 per kilometre as mileage and $45 for labour The 50 km trip includes 2 hours of personal care at $90.

It’s important to book in advance as we need time to find the right volunteer. The more time you give us, the more we can guarantee the service.